The Dialogs of Pico and Fweb

The John and Dave cooperative has resolved to publish the full, un-edited dialogs of Pico and Fweb, here.

Dear Pico (or Fweb I forget),

We spoke yesterday of the challenge of knowing the actual human benefit of the web sites we work for (yours the Maryland Sate Law Library, mine the ZipRecruiter jobs website).

We also spoke of reality indirectly perceived through physical stimuli (e.g. photons) and converted into “things” in our minds, and the resulting philosophies concerning the insubstantiality of these things.

The former challenge seems to be an instance of the latter to the second degree. We perceive the people who visit these websites only indirectly-indirectly, by way of photons emitting from say a Google Analytics chart, which focuses and renders a stream of packets traveling over the internet. From this we perceive “people” on the other end of those packets. It seems natural to question the substantiality of these people.

We also spoke of the many merits of the haiku as a conveniently compact unit of poetic creativity. I have decided to try my hand at haiku:

packets pass routers
photos show people clicking
are we just packets?

August 8th, 2016 by